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Frontier Trace tract and lots shall be occupied and used as follows:

  1. No tract, at present or future revision, shall contain less than six (6) acres. Each tract shall be used as a residence for a single family and for no other purpose. Each tract shall contain no more than one (1) residential building per six (6) acres. The buyer of the tract must also occupy the single-family residence. No residential tract shall be used for rental purposes.
  2. The lake area shall have a designated common area. A maintenance easement of at least five (5) feet shall be given from any landowner whose tract joins the water line of the lake (for maintenance only). Every owner of a tract shall have a right and easement of enjoyment in and to the common area that shall be appurtenant to and shall pass with the title to such tract, subject to Developers rules.
  3. No buildings, improvements, or objects may be present within the area designated for the emergency spillway located at the northern section of the dam. A twenty- (20) foot maintenance easement will be given around the dam for the purpose of keeping growth from endangering the structural soundness of dam area.
  4. Clearing of hardwood, softwood, or evergreen on any tract shall be limited to growth under four inches (4@) in diameter except for home, home improvements, utility easement, outbuildings sites, or natural damage, unless approved by Developer.
  5. The recorded plat for the development shall show the location, dimension, and boundaries of each tract. Except for any revisions to the recorded plan of re-subdivision by the Developer, no tract may be re-subdivided, nor its boundaries changed without the consent of the Developer.
  6. The minimum square footage of living area of any residence erected in Frontier Trace shall be One Thousand Four Hundred (1,400) square feet above ground. Garages, carports, porches, basements, and similar space shall be in addition to and not included in the above stated minimum square feet requirements.
  7. It is expected that the home will be constructed in such a way as to conform to the rustic theme of the development. Timberland, log, field stone, brick or man made equals is encouraged. Vinyl or stucco exterior, except for eave trim, is prohibited. There shall be no unfinished siding, exposed cinder or concrete block. Each residential building shall be constructed with a continuous block foundation.
  8. Any building to be located on any tract shall comply with the minimum building setback lines as shown on the plat of the development.
  9. No lavatories and/or toilets shall be built outside any single-family residential dwellings. All sewage disposal must comply with the requirements of the Health Department of Wayne County, Tennessee, or its successors. No sewage, waste, disposal, or damage from any septic tank or line shall be permitted to enter the lake, spring creek, nor shall it be allowed to run across open land.
  10. Upon the commencement of construction of any building or other structure, the same shall be pursued to completion with due diligence, and no construction shall be abandoned or discontinued prior to completion for more then thirty (30) days. In any event, construction must be completed within twelve (12) months of its commencements. Owner will be responsible for maintaining a neat and orderly construction.
  11. All swimming pools shall be enclosed for safety with wall or fence no taller than five (5) feet in height. It is expected that the bathhouse and any other structure will be constructed in such a way as to conform to the rustic theme of the development. Timberland, log, field stone, brick or man made equals is encouraged. Vinyl or stucco exterior, except for eave trim, is prohibited. There shall be no unfinished siding, exposed cinder or concrete block The exterior walls of all bathhouses must conform to and be in harmony with the existing residential structure.
  12. No peddling, soliciting or commercial enterprises will be allowed in the development at any time. No for profit business of any kind shall be located at any residence with the exception of the business of Developer and the transferees of Developer in developing all of the tracts as provided herein.
  13. There shall be no exterior storage of any inoperable vehicle for longer than thirty (30) days.
  14. Animals, livestock, or poultry may be raised, bred, or kept on any tract subject to such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Developer, so long as they are not kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes. Dogs, cats, and other household pets must be under the owners control at all times.
  15. No rubbish, trash, garbage, or other waste material shall be kept or permitted on any lot or on the common area except in sanitary containers located in appropriate areas concealed from public view. Trash or garbage shall not be permitted to be burned out of doors, except for tract clean up of brush or tree limbs.
  16. No outbuilding, basement, tent, shack, garage, mobile homes, trailers; shed, or temporary building or any kind shall be used as a residence, either temporarily or permanently. Tract owners may temporarily park recreation vehicles on property for the purpose of weekend getaways, mini-vacations, or daily outings. No more than one (1) said vehicle shall be parked on the owners property at a time. Recreational vehicles must be out of view from main common area and specifically located on owned tracts only.
  17. No boat houses and/or boat ramps shall be constructed on any lake tract. No driveways to any residential dwelling may be constructed adjacent to common area or be plainly visible from the lake.
  18. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on the lake, to include outboard motor boats, jet skis, gasoline or diesel powered engines or like kind powered equipment. Electric trolling motor on boats are permitted.
  19. All off-road vehicles operations such as four-wheelers, motor bikes, mopeds, or other pleasure gasoline powered equipment will be governed by rules or regulations established by the developer.
  20. Nothing shall be altered in, constructed on, or removed from the common area except with the written consent of the Developer.
  21. All outbuildings on any lot shall be constructed with the same building materials as the residential building on said tract.
  22. No modular type building shall be constructed on any tract for use as a residence. The inherent beauty of the land must be retained and natural woodlands enhance the natural beauty of the homes and neighborhood.
  23. No signs or billboards of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any tract except signs used by the Developer to advertise property during offering.
  24. No tractor-trailers will be allowed to park within the development except for delivery of materials during construction. No recreational vehicles, buses, or travel-trailers shall be stored on any tract in such a manner that they would be visible from the roadway. No major mechanical work shall be done on automobiles, boats, motors, and trailers, etc. situated on any tract, except in any emergency.
  25. Use of firearms for hunting purposes is prohibited on the property.
  26. Developer or the transferees of Developer shall undertake the work of developing all tracts included within the development. The completion of that work, and the sale, or other disposal of residential units is essential to the establishment and welfare of the development as an ongoing residential community. In order that such work may be completed and the development be established as a fully occupied residential community as soon as possible, nothing in this declaration shall be understood or construed to:
    1. Prevent Developer, Developers transferees, or the employees, contractors, or others owned or controlled by Developer or Developers transferees or their representatives, from taking such action and doing such things as they determine may be reasonably necessary or advisable in connection with the completion of such work;
    2. Prevent Developer, Developers transferees, or the employees, contractors, or subcontractors of Developer or Developers transferees, from construction and maintaining, on any part or parts or the development owned or controlled by Developer or Developers transferees or their or their representatives, such activity as may be reasonably necessary for the completion of such work, the establishment of the development as a residential community, and the disposition of tracts by sale, lease or other wise.

The term Developer, as stated herein, refers to Frontier Trace, Inc., or such individuals or entities to which it may transfer property for the purpose of developing the subdivision. At such time as the owners of two-thirds of the lots in Frontier Trace should choose to form an active homeowners association, that homeowners association will at that time succeed to the Developer in all respects hereunder, except as directly relates to the developers continued development of any unsold lots in the development. The term unsold lots shall include any lots which the developer may for any reason re-acquire.

These restrictions shall remain in full force and effect for a period of twenty-five (25) years after the date of their approval as specified herein, and for additional ten (10) year periods, unless and until the owners of a majority of the lots in the subdivision should at the end of the initial twenty-five (25) year period, or at the end of any ten (10) year period succeeding said initial period, decide in writing to terminate these restrictions. In addition, these restrictions may be amended at any time in writing by the owners of not less than two-thirds of the lots in the development.

These covenants are recorded in the Registers Office of Wayne County, Tennessee and are to be considered restrictions on all of the real property located in Frontier Trace. For Source of Title, see: Record Book 7, Page 320, Registers office of Wayne County, Tennessee.

Tract 19 - 6.75 Acres

Tract 20 - 7.91 Acres

Tract 21 - 7.69 Acres